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Have you wondered what happens after your car begins its auto body repairs? Here is a glimpse into some of the processes we perform to restore your car to "before-the-accident" state.

As an auto body repair facility our first step is to assess damage to have an estimate of repair costs. We give free estimates. Short on time to drive over for an estimate? Email: info@WCAutoBody.com with a photo of your damaged car.

Frame Repair.
Our certified technicians determine your car's frame's strength. Most people assume a bent frame is not repairable. With today's cars this is no longer true. A bent frame could need a simple tug or pull to repair the car.

Frame Straightener

General Collision Auto Repair.
Part of our job requires mechanical repairs from checking radiator, brakes, air conditioning, alignment, windshield repair to fixing body and paint.

Body Repair Preparation.
Preparation is the most important part of auto body repair. 90% body prep and 10% auto body paint. We take great care in our prep continuing through the painting/refinishing steps.

Auto Body Refinishing.
Our new environmentally safe paint materials are applied by our skilled paint technicians.

Bumper Refinishing.
Even minor scrapes and dents need to be perfectly matched. Technology offers us precision color matching—even if only spot refinishing.

Auto Paint Spray Booth

Polishing is vitally important after car refinishing to bring factory texture down (orange peel). Avoiding swirl marks is a challenging task, but accomplished here at West Coast Auto Body.

Auto Body Repair

Quality Detailing.
It's all about attention to detail. Our technicians perform quality control throughout the body repair process. The final step is a checklist of several points from repairs to other concerns we will address before giving the car to our client. We include FREE headlight polishing with most repairs.